English Wedding Ceremony Germany

English Wedding Ceremonies in Germany

Do you wish to change vows and rings in Germany? Do you plan an English wedding ceremony, because you are native English speaking or have many guests attending your wedding, who do not understand German, but English?


Do you need an English speaking wedding celebrant and speaker in Deutschland?


I am there for you - for your unique wedding ceremony. CREDO: Personal. Emotional. Real. Joyful. Elegant.

Wedding Speaker & Celebrant THOMAS

For many years it is an honor to conduct unique wedding ceremonies. At any place in Germany you wish, e.g. in Frankfurt am Main, Wiesbaden, Rheingau, Mainz, Pfalz, Heidelberg, Baden-Baden, München/Munich, Nürnberg, Köln/Cologne etc.


My name is Thomas Hoffmann (married, two children), for over 16 years I am working as a professional wedding speaker and celebrant in Germany, including English Wedding Ceremonies.


Your wedding will be prepared and conducted with expertise and esprit focusing on your story of love.



English Wedding Ceremonies in Germany with speaker and wedding celebrant THOMAS HOFFMANN. Englische Trauung, Englischsprachige Hochzeitszeremonie, Trauzeremonie auf Englisch, ganz oder teilweise englische Zeremonie mit Trauredner Deutschland Frankfurt

Personalized Wedding Ceremonies

It is about YOU, you as PAIR, you as INDIVIDUALS, your JOURNEY, your STORY as bridal pair. It is about what you hold most dear in the world. Your precious BOND of love, and your families and friends.


Let's celebrate your love and your decision for a life's journey. Share vows and rings with an english personalized wedding ceremony in Germany - together with the people who are close to you.



Deutsch-englische Trauung, German-English Ceremony Changing vows and rings in Deutschland. Speaker, officiant, celebrant Redner THOMAS HOFFMANN, Trauredner Frankfurt Wiesbaden Rheingau Heidelberg, München, Baden-Baden, Mainz, Bad Homburg, English Wedding

Changing Vows & Rings - Personal. Emotional. Real. Joyful. Elegant.

Are you interested or do you have requests for a specific day? Please contact me via phone (+49 6104 802884, +49 171 5477455) or e-mail (info@trauredner.eu). Or press the contact button to send a message immediately.


I look forward to getting to know you

Thomas Hoffmann


Wedding speaker and celebrant for English wedding ceremonies in Germany, Deutschland, Frankfurt am Main, available all Germany

Exceptional exclusive wedding ceremony with english speaker cleebrant in Germany THOMAS HOFFMANN, Frankfurt am Main

Freie Trauung Englisch Frankfurt am Main Rhein-Main-Gebiet Wiesbaden Mainz Trauung English Heidelberg Wedding Ceremony Rheingau Munich english wedding ceremony München  speaker celebrant officiant THOMAS HOFFMANN
Wedding Ceremony Germany with English Celebrant and Speaker. Foto: RAMAN-PHOTOS




"Love is just a word until someone comes along and gives it meaning."

(Paulo Coelho)